Common mistakes when organizing a party

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December 13, 2018
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December 13, 2018
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Common mistakes when organizing a party

It is normal when you start organizing a party or event you can commit some of these common mistakes in which many people fall. That’s why we named you so the next opportunity you do not fall into them and have a perfect party.

The 5 most common errors are:

1. Bad choice of date: the first step before any party is choose the date, it sounds something without much importance but in reality it is something very important, since it depends on your guests attending. Keep in mind that the days of weeks can be complicated because everyone has a routine to fulfill.

2. Do not choose a good place: at this point you have to keep in mind several variables, as if the place is too far away, if you are in a safe area, the size of the place is appropriate for the number of people you intend to invite. Once you have thought about all these variables you will surely be able to choose a suitable place to make your party.

3. Do not provide all the information: in your invitations you must provide the guests with the necessary information, for example the exact address, if there is a dress code, what time it starts and any other information they should know.

4. Do not have a budget: it is very necessary to have an approximate amount that you want or can spend in that party, especially if you hire a party design, because, this will be governed by that budget at the time of mounting and organizing Party.

5. Do not make a guest list: even if it is a family party you must make your guest list so that you do not overlook anyone and invite all the people you want to be there.

An event organizer can advise you with some of these points, however it is always good that you yourself can respond to these points. Especially with the guest list, the budget and the date

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